Fear The Walking Dead Season 7: Fallout And Texas

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 explores our characters separated from the nuclear fallout of Teddy. Featuring the main character Morgan escaping from Texas with his group, Season 7 sees the characters clash over philosophies. According to rotten tomatoes, Season 7 is one of the unfavourable seasons in Fear The Walking Dead by fans and critics respectively. Find out a little about each episode here!

WARNING: This Article contains spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead

Season 7 Episodes

Episode 1: “The Beacon”

The Season begins with the aftermath of the nuclear blast in Texas. A group called the Stalkers hunts down a Will. However, he is captured by Victor Strand’s Rangers. Reluctantly, Will reveals to Victor that he was part of a group that was destroyed by the blast. He also fell in love with Alicia. Will find a bunker with a note reading “PADRE”. Victor throws Will off his settlement for safety reasons.

Episode 2: “Six Hours”

Morgan and his group have been living in a boat since the blast but are running low on supplies. While scouting for supplies, they come across two ill survivors, Fred and Bea. After a confrontation between the two parties, Bea tells the group about “PADRE”. Afterwards, Morgan’s group return to the ship to find it’s been raided by Howard and Victor’s Rangers. A mysterious figure is revealed to be Josiah LaRoux, the brother of Emile LaRoux, whom Morgan killed months before. And so, Josiah seeks to act revenge on Morgan.

Episode 3: “Cindy Hawkins”

John and June wait out in a bunker until the estimated safety time to leave. However, the bunker has started to become unstable. John becomes an alcoholic and starts experiencing hallucinations. These hallucinations force John to try to find the body of Cindy Hawkins, a victim of Teddy. John leaves the bunker to see Stalkers waiting outside. Suddenly, they demand that John and June surrender and after realising the predicament that they are in, John kills the Stalkers. After a while, the bunker collapses and the two are saved by Victor’s rangers and are bought to the tower. Morgan arrives at the bunker when the radio calls for him. Victor calls and Morgan threatens Strand, to no response.

Episode 4: “Breathe With Me”

Sarah starts a relentless search for Wendell after he lost contact during the blast. Josiah spots Sarah and offers help to find Wendell if she helps kill Morgan. Reluctantly, Sarah takes the deal and Josiah finds Wendell’s broken wheelchair. After a crash, their car is surrounded by walkers. With the help of Morgan, the walkers are able to be killed, however, Josiah tries to kill Morgan. After a confrontation, Josiah makes amends with Morgan and they lead Sarah to the tower. Victor reveals that he has Wendell but will not let Sarah in.

In the meantime, Sage, one of the Stalkers, recovers the warhead and brings it to the rest of the Stalkers.

Episode 5: “Till Death”

Sherry and Dwight have become “The Dark Horses”, who protect people in need. They have also been searching for PADRE. The couple is captured by Victor’s Rangers and is bought to the Tower. They are enlisted to track down Mickey, a woman who escaped the Tower. The two refuse the offer and instead track down Mickey to offer help.

Upon Encountering Eli, a criminal who Dwight had previously fought, Dwight learns that Eli was enlisted to kill the Larsons. Sherry and Mickey find Mickey’s gym and eventually discover a walker version of Cliff. Afterwards, Mickey joins the “Dark Horse” to then be ambushed by the Stalkers. However, the Stalkers request their help in finding PADRE instead.

Episode 6: “Reclamation”

Althea heads back to her SWAT van alone after sending others away and kills a reanimated Riley. Morgan discovers Althea’s plan and arrives just in time to witness a CRM team searching for Althea’s ex-girlfriend, Isabelle. Althea tries to convince Morgan and Grace to leave, but they insist on helping her. Althea tricks them into using the CRM helicopter’s fuel to refuel the van, while she sets up a cannon to kill the CRM at Fort San Vicente. The CRM captures Morgan and Grace, and Althea is forced to reveal that Isabelle is hiding in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Morgan and Grace manage to escape and lead the CRM to the fort, where they work together to kill them. Althea interviews Morgan and departs in the CRM helicopter. Althea finds Isabelle at a cabin, and they embrace, ready to start a new life together, always on the run from the CRM.

Episode 7: “The Portrait”

Strand gets a portrait painted while selecting people for his community through calls from a callbox. Morgan asks Strand to let June treat Mo, and in exchange, Strand asks for a favour. The Stalkers demand asylum, threatening to release walkers containing pieces of the warhead. Strand collapses, poisoned, and Morgan offers help. Strand reveals his desire to find Alicia, but Morgan suggests he needs to make the Tower more appealing to her. They plan to find Alicia together until Strand discovers Morgan was the one who poisoned him. Grace informs Strand that some walkers covered with warhead material are outside the Tower, and agrees to join him in exchange for Morgan’s life. Morgan meets Alicia, Dwight, Sherry and the Stalkers, but the group encounters walkers covered in radioactive material, which are shot, releasing the gas.

Episode 8: “PADRE”

Alicia is locked in a bunker by Teddy and becomes the leader of a doomsday cult. She meets Will, who helps her search for a way out and learns of a secret government location called PADRE, which can rebuild the world. Senator Elias Vazquez knows its location, but he bites Alicia while escaping, and she amputates her arm. In the present, Alicia and Morgan use walker guts to follow the Senator to PADRE and evade Strand’s Rangers. Alicia reveals she didn’t amputate her arm in time, and they eventually reach the Tower, where Alicia considers Strand’s offer. Later, Alicia finds and kills the reanimated Will and learns that Strand murdered him, causing her to declare war on the Tower.

Episode 9: “Follow Me”

Alicia is found unconscious by a deaf musician, Paul, who takes care of her. She confesses that her search for PADRE led to the deaths of many of her people and left her feeling guilty. The leader of the Stalkers, Arno, seeks revenge on her. Alicia is driven by a repeated dream of the Senator telling her to follow him to PADRE, but Paul suggests that the Senator is simply a manifestation of her subconscious. She is captured by Arno, but with Paul’s help, she sets a trap for the Stalkers, killing most of Arno’s forces and causing Paul to sacrifice himself.

Alicia returns to the Pennsylvania and decides to gather an army to fight Strand using the promise of safety the Tower will provide. Arno and Sage find a blast crater filled with thousands of radioactive walkers that pose a threat to everyone, renewing Arno’s determination to take the Tower for the Stalkers.

Episode 10: “Mourning Cloak”

A young Ranger named Ali captures Charlie, who claims to be trying to defect. Howard offers to take Charlie in if she can retrieve an elevator part from a radioactive building, while secretly ordering Ali to learn Charlie’s true intentions. Charlie and Ali quickly fall in love, and she admits she was sent by Morgan to infiltrate the Tower, but really wants to run away from the conflict to have a normal life. During the mission, Ali is attacked by Stalkers but tricks them into getting devoured by walkers. After getting the parts, Ali initially plans to leave Charlie for dead but decides to run away with her. Charlie faints and is diagnosed with terminal radiation sickness. After Ali’s betrayal is discovered, Howard throws him off the Tower, angering June who plots to take Strand down, while John Sr. plans to be his voice of reason.

Episode 11: “Ofelia”

While the group pursues a weapon cache, Daniel wanders off, chased by Luciana and Wes, convinced that Ofelia is still alive and is sending him a message from The Abigail. The three are captured by the Stalkers who attempt to extract the location of the weapon’s cache from them, hinting at the existence of a greater danger and Luciana attempts to get Daniel to accept that Ofelia is dead.

After sending half of the Stalkers on a wild goose chase, Daniel overpowers Sage, who says the Stalkers never had Ofelia, causing Daniel to kill him. Furious, Daniel lowers Arno into a pit full of walkers before Luciana and Wes can stop him. As he dies, Arno reveals the existence of the crater full of radioactive walkers and warns them that someone is letting the walkers out.

Luciana convinces the remaining Stalkers to join Morgan’s group in their fight against Strand and lies to Daniel that Ofelia is in the Tower, as she knows they will need Daniel’s help against Strand. Disgusted by Luciana’s actions, Wes defects from the group and goes to the Tower.

Episode 12: “Sonny Boy”

Strand is convinced there’s a resistance in the Tower, and his paranoia grows as he finds a radio amongst Howard’s belongings and Mo disappears. Howard reveals to John that he’s loyal to Strand in the hope of reuniting with his family. Meanwhile, June kidnaps Mo and plans to sneak her out through the tunnels to Morgan. During a storm, walkers trap John and June, and John reveals he has terminal radiation sickness. John convinces Strand that Howard is the traitor and Strand forces John to throw Howard off the Tower. Strand then reveals to John that Howard’s family has already been dead. John sacrifices himself to get Mo to Morgan, while Strand threatens June and Grace and takes Wes as his new partner.

Episode 13: “The Raft”

Dwight and Sherry rescue Maya and send her to the Tower, but Sherry worries that Dwight will revert to his old ways. Morgan lures the walker moat away from the Tower and is joined by Alicia, who is afraid to kill Strand. Dwight and Sherry are chased by Wes and Strand’s Rangers in search of Mo but escape to the bunker. Sherry reveals she’s pregnant before they reunite with Morgan and Alicia. Alicia prepares to lead an attack on the Tower while Morgan leaves with Mo on a life raft to find a safer home. The Pennsylvania is abandoned due to a radiation leak, and the herd in the crater has been let out.

Episode 14: “Divine Providence”

Alicia and her army arrive at the Tower where Strand invites her and Daniel inside to discuss peace. However, Strand’s true plan is to use the radioactive walkers to eliminate Alicia’s army. Alicia breaks free and has a standoff with Strand. When she reveals that she doesn’t have much time left, Strand agrees to forgo his plan if she spends her remaining time with him. Wes and the Rangers mutiny and plan to kill everyone to protect the Tower. Strand, Alicia, and Daniel turn off the beacon and Strand brings Daniel to the dying Charlie. With the horde approaching, Strand betrays Alicia and she overpowers him, inadvertently setting fire to the Tower.

Episode 15: “Amina”

Alicia, along with the group, successfully escapes the Tower and the horde, but the air is too polluted to survive, and they prepare to leave Texas. She hallucinates a young masked girl who tells her she needs to find her friend, who turns out to be Strand. Alicia convinces Strand to rejoin the group and contacts Morgan, who thinks PADRE might be real. However, Alicia refuses to join the group as she fears she will die at sea and reanimate. She collapses but later awakens fully healed from her infection. Alicia tells her hallucination that she will help people looking for PADRE and heads back towards the ruins of the Tower.

Episode 16: “Gone”

Morgan washes ashore in Louisiana and is saved by Madison Clark. She is a member of PADRE, a group that kidnaps children, and wants Morgan to help her find her children in exchange for information on Mo’s whereabouts. Morgan lies to Madison, telling her he can take her to her children, but really wants her to lead him to Mo. They meet Ava, who is pregnant, and convince her to take PADRE’s offer of safety, but it is later revealed that she is lying about being pregnant to find her missing daughter. Morgan reveals the truth about Nick and Alicia to Madison, and they both get captured by a posse. They are rescued by PADRE and Madison agrees to help Morgan rescue Mo. They are taken to PADRE’s location on a boat.

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