Fear The Walking Dead Season 8: A Breakdown Of What’s To Come

It’s safe to say that Fear The Walking Dead has had its ups and downs throughout its seven seasons.  A curse of it being a sister serious to the ever more popular “The Walking Dead”.  However, with the seriously close release date (May 14th) of the up-and-coming 8th season, and the current release of the trailer, things might be going uphill from now on.  Although the trailer left some plot points in the open, characters like Rick may be coming back to the limelight once again. Here’s a breakdown of what’s to come for Fear The Walking Dead Season 8.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Walking Dead franchise

Events Leading Up

With a 16-episode timeline for season 7, Fear the Walking Dead left off with Morgan’s group trying to survive after the nuclear fallout caused by Teddy (Played by John Glover) and his followers. Meanwhile, Morgan (Played by Lennie James) is at a crossroads with Victor Strand (Played by Colman Domingo).

The keyword “PADRE” seeps through this season, a mysterious haven that both Morgan and Will, a young main character, hear about early on in the season.  In episode 8, titled “PADRE”, it is revealed that the keyword is a government location with the resources to rebuild the world

The final episode, titled “Gone”, has the recurring character Madison (Played by Kim Dickens) return and is revealed to be part of PADRE, however, she was the speculated Collecter #6, someone who kidnaps children to be raised by PADRE.  In the final moments of the episode, we see Morgan and Madison blindfolded and put onto a boat, with a larger boat in the distance.  This means the characters are going to be taken to PADRE.  

These events tie in perfectly with the plot of Season 8 which will be centred around this new government organisation.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer begins with morgan seemingly kidnapped with a bag over his head.  A voice transmits over the video seemingly talking to Morgan about how he needs to accept the practices PADRE are doing and ultimately needs to show he is committed to the vision.

It then leads to the separated groups with morgan speaking over on the transmitter relaying the words Rick told him in season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead: “You can hide, but you can’t run”.

There are quick transitions of experiments being carried out inside PADRE.  For example, zombie’s heads are kept in glass containers, and a machine which has a zombie head connected to it overlooks a medicated child.  Seemingly, PADRE is experimenting with how the world can rebuild itself.  However, this is contradicted by a sign shown in the trailer citing that “PADRE IS A LIE”.

We see several characters fighting zombies whilst red smears fill the screen, an omen to the bad experiments PADRE might be conducting.

The trailer ends with Morgan visiting the house he stayed in with his son and wife back in Season 1 of “The Walking Dead”, a nostalgic reminder of the earlier years of Morgan’s journey.  However, with the name-dropping of “Rick”, the trailer showing the gun Rick gave Morgan and that Morgan recited the phrase Rick once told him, we could see hints of Rick returning from a more prevalent standpoint.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

What To Look Forward To

Time Skip

There will be a major time skip of 7 years between season 7 and season 8.  This is a great opportunity for the series to spread out in plot points but also allows for it to sync up with the timing of “The Walking Dead”.  This is due to Fear the Walking Dead being set back several years in the story compared to its sister series.


PADRE will be the centre point for the new season, and with that comes mystery and intense motives that come with any new organisation being revealed.  As stated before, PADRE is a secret government institution with promised resources that can rebuild the world, however, from a trailer viewpoint, PADRE may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

Morgan Returning To His House and Rick

The trailer shows Morgan returning to his home where he; looked after Rick, survived with his son and watched his Wife die.  Although this is a nice nostalgic reminder of the 13-year journey, it might also be a hint to the reunion between Morgan and Rick.

Does Alicia Return?

Alicia is a major recurring character in the Fear the Walking Dead universe, someone who after being bitten (becoming terminally ill), seeks out PADRE for her people to be safe.  She is the daughter of Madison, earlier referenced as working for PADRE, so the relevance of Alicia is even more in question.  However, with the lack of Alicia in the trailer, it’s hard to determine her outcome.

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Will there be an 8th season of Fear the Walking Dead?

With a release date of May 14th, Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 will consists of twelve episodes split into two parts spread across 2023.   The first six episodes will be released weekly and the last six episodes will be released all at once.

Where can I watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 UK?

In the UK, the new season will able to be streamed on BT TV on May 15th, 2023 at 2 AM BST.

Where can I watch season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead?

Outside of the UK, AMC is the home of Fear the Walking Dead, however, if you don’t have cable, then you can stream AMC through places like Youtube TV, Fubo TV and/or Sling TV.

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