Jasper Jordan: The Heartbroken Hero of The 100

Among the many complex characters that populate the post-apocalyptic world of The 100, Jasper in The 100 stands out as one of the most tragic yet relatable. Played masterfully by Devon Bostick, Jasper Jordan goes through an incredible evolution throughout the show’s four seasons, from a charismatic jokester struggling with addiction to a PTSD-stricken young man who finds meaning by saving others.

Introduced in Season 1

We first meet Jasper Jordan in the pilot episode when the 100 delinquent teens are sent to Earth from the dying space station Ark. Jasper is the lovable goofball of the bunch, quick with a joke and a mischievous smile. He soon catches the eye of another shy outcast, Octavia, and becomes emboldened to be a hero for her.

When Octavia is attacked by a sea monster, Jasper courageously rescues her and is severely wounded in the process. This selfless act cements his status as both a fan favourite and an integral member of the growing community.

Jasper’s courage and good nature are consistently displayed throughout the perils of Season 1. He maintains his sense of humor but also shows depth, confessing his feelings for Octavia and standing up for his friends. As one of the more gentle souls of the group, he provides heart and humanity in the face of violence.

The Trauma of Mount Weather

Season 2 brings many challenges that begin to break Jasper down. After being captured and held in the Mount Weather facility, he is betrayed by the President’s daughter Maya, his new love interest. Forced to watch her die brings out a fierce anger in the once-funny Jasper.

His frustration with the failed rescue mission and with Clarke’s morally ambiguous leadership further fuels a change in his personality. The emotional and physical trauma takes a heavy toll, leaving Jasper withdrawn and suffering when he finally escapes Mount Weather.

Jasper’s severe depression and PTSD are handled respectfully, showing the realistic wounds of a survivor. His mental health struggles become a more central personal conflict as he copes with grief and the desire for vengeance.

The Battle with Addiction

In Season 3, Jasper’s traumatic experiences lead him further down a dark path, battling feelings of nihilism and eroding self-worth. He falls into coping by recklessly abusing narcotics and hallucinogens, especially in the City of Light virtual reality program.

Jasper’s drug addiction is portrayed potently, revealing its dangers and impact on relationships. But his sarcasm and self-deprecation lighten the mood, keeping him relatable. Though he pushes away caring friends, we still root for the spark of the old Jasper to return.

Redemption through Compassion

In Season 4, having hit rock bottom with depression and addiction, Jasper begins to find a new purpose unexpectedly. When all 400 of the space station inhabitants are set to arrive on Earth, Jasper is reminded of his shaky early days on the planet.

Seeing innocent people scared and in danger helps reawaken Jasper’s empathy and humanity. He draws on his experience to guide and reassure the frightened new arrivals, mentoring them to be brave and have hope. In helping others, Jasper rediscovers his inner light and selflessness.

Tragically, just as he is turning over this new leaf, Jasper sacrifices himself, voluntarily taking an overdose to buy his people more time to prepare for an imminent apocalypse. His last act highlights how fully his compassion and heroism have returned, leaving an impactful legacy.

Three Reasons We Love Jasper:

1. He adds humor and heart

Throughout the show’s heaviest moments, Jasper lightens the mood with comic relief and levity. Yet he movingly conveys tenderness in relationships that tug our heartstrings.

2. He portrays mental health struggles genuinely

Seeing Jasper honestly depict depression, PTSD, and addiction makes him relatable. His journey resonates emotionally and raises awareness.

3. He shows resilience and redemption

Despite trauma and mistakes, Jasper keeps evolving into a better person. His willingness to change makes him an inspirational character.

Jasper’s incredible character arc over four seasons makes him truly unforgettable. He will always be remembered for his humor, courage, flaws, and immense heart. Jasper Jordan represents the human spirit at its most resilient.

Other Things You Might Want to Know:

What real-life issues does The 100 tackle?

Beyond survival themes, The 100 explores moral grey areas in leadership, the corrupting influence of technology, addiction and recovery, LGBTQ relationships, and more real-world resonances.

How did Jasper die?

To spare his people from Praimfaya radiation, Jasper intentionally overdosed on hallucinogens so that other characters would donate their protective bone marrow to save him, leaving them exposed.

Who are Jasper’s main relationships?

Jasper connects most deeply with Monty, Octavia, Maya, Bellamy, and Raven throughout the show. His close friendships reveal different facets of his personality.

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