Meet the Cast of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

It’s time to meet the cast of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Set to pick up where “Retribution” left off, the film takes Alice back to the Hive in Raccoon City where it all started.

resident evil the final chapter

In addition to Alice, it features familiar faces in the roles of Albert Wesker, Dr. Alexander Isaacs, Claire Redfield, and Dr. Blue. There are new cast members as well for both known and fresh characters.

Milla Jovovich as Project Alice

A success story of Umbrella Corporation, Project Alice is living proof that the T-virus can bond with humans on a cellular level without the destructive side effects. She is on a mission to destroy the corporation, which created her and unleashed an apocalypse. Milla Jovovich also portrays the older version of Alice Marcus, the daughter of Dr. James Marcus, founder of Umbrella Corporation.

Jovovich’s journey to fame started when Richard Avedon, an American fashion photographer, featured her in an ad campaign for Revlon, called “Most Unforgettable Women in the World” in late 1980s. Her modeling career took off almost in an instant, and she became even bigger after the first Resident Evil film came out in 2002. Two years later, she was among the world’s richest supermodels.

Since the first Resident Evil, she continued to reprise her role as Alice in all five sequels: Apocalypse (2004), Extinction (2007), Afterlife (2010), Retribution (2012), and The Final Chapter (2016). All were produced and written by Paul W. S. Anderson – also the director in the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th films in the series – whom she married in 2009.

Iain Glen as Dr. Alexander Isaacs

The CEO of Umbrella Corporation, Dr. Alexander Isaacs, is portrayed by senior actor Iain Glen. Dr. Isaacs’ business relationship with Dr. James Marcus ended abruptly when the latter was killed. Upon knowing the T-virus could trigger a zombie apocalypse, Dr. Isaacs came up with an evil idea of using the outbreak to remove humanity from the Earth. Umbrella Corporation would then remake and repopulate the world with its own designs.

Following several acclaimed performances such as the 1988 five-part drama The Fear as the leader of a criminal gang in North London named Carl Galton, a 1990 biopic film Silent Scream as convicted murderer Larry Winters, and a series of title roles at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Iain Glen has since been regarded as one of the greatest Scottish actors of his generation. He also was Ser Jorah Mormont in all eight seasons of the widely popular HBO series Game of Thrones. In three Resident Evil films including Apocalypse, Extinction, and The Final Chapter, Glen is Dr. Alexander Isaacs.

Resident Evil The Final Chapter : ali carter

Ali Carter as Claire Redfield

In the Resident Evil films, Claire Redfield is a close ally to Alice. When Alice arrives at Raccoon City, apparently Claire was already there with a group of survivors. Claire was also on her way to the Hive before her plane crashed in the middle of the city. Now the two join efforts again to defeat Dr. Isaacs.

Claire Redfield is portrayed by Ali Carter, who has been active in her acting career since 1997. Thanks to her performances in the 2000 film Final Destination and its sequel three years later as Clear Rivers, she earned the reputation as a Scream Queen. Her career really took off with Heroes from 2006 to 2010, during which she also made appearances in films such as Marigold and Resident Evil: Extinction. Carter reprised her role as Claire Redfield in Afterlife and The Final Chapter. She had a recurring role (13 episodes) in The Rookie series as Dr. Grace Sawyer.

Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker

The most prominent subordinate of Dr. Isaacs and the former chairman of Umbrella Corporation, the manipulative and decisive Albert Wesker was the mastermind of the series of events that led Alice walking into a trap in Washington D.C. Now he is determined to prevent Alice from entering the Hive at all costs.

In Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, he is portrayed by Shawn Roberts, like in the previous two films. Roberts began his professional acting career in Goosebumps and Emily of New Moon. In 2000, he played David in X-Men, credited simply as “Rogue’s boyfriend.” Roberts also had a small role as Jonas in a 2017 film xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.

Eoin Macken as Doc

One of the survivors hiding in a settlement in the city, Doc is Claire’s love interest. When Alice arrives at the ruined building where everyone takes refuge, he treats her injury and is willing to cooperate with his girl’s old friend. Later in the film, it is revealed that Doc has his own motivation.

Apart from his role as Doc, Eoin Macken is probably best known for his performance as Gavin Harris in the NBC series La Brea. He also is an active writer and director with well-known works in his portfolio such as Here Are the Young Men, adapted from an award-winning novel by Rob Doyle. Macken wrote the screenplay and directed the film too. He also directed The Fashion of Modeling documentary. On TV, he had a recurring role as Sir Gawaine in Merlin (2010 – 2012) and was a main cast member in The Night Shift.

Resident Evil The Final Chapter : fraser james

Fraser James as Razor

Another survivor in Raccoon City with Claire and the others, Razor ends up helping Alice get into the Hive. He is portrayed by Fraser James, who started his acting career in the early 1990s with small roles in a number of TV shows such as Robin Hood, Strike Back, and Drop the Dead Donkey. James appeared in the Origin series as Dr. Henri Gasana and in Wolfblood as Madoc. In films, he was Major Dean in Terminator: Dark Fate and Piper in Yardie.

Resident Evil The Final Chapter : ruby rose

Ruby Rose as Abigail

Not only is Abigail (played by Ruby Rose) a survivor, but a mechanic with a talent to transform a window washer into a powerful catapult to launch burning drums of gasoline into a massive army of zombies. She too helps Alice and Claire get into the Hive and survives a zombie-dogs attack along the way.

The actor rose to prominence mostly through her modeling works, specifically as the face of Maybelline in Australia. She also is an MTV VJ in the country. Apart from her role in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Rose earned good spots in popular films including xXx: Return of Xander Cage and John Wick: Chapter 2. However, she is best known for her performance in the third and fourth seasons of Orange is the New Black as Stella Carlin and in the first season Batwoman series as Kate Kane.

William Levy as Christian

Among the survivors, the only person who doesn’t seem to welcome Alice is Christian, although after a difficult battle against Dr. Isaacs’ army of zombies, he begins to appreciate her presence in the team. He is portrayed by a Cuban-American actor William Levy. In addition to The Final Chapter, his other notable appearances include his role as Mateo Ferrera in Star and as a contestant in season 14 of Dancing with the Stars. Levy was featured in Jennifer Lopez’s music video I’m Into You as her love interest.

Rola as Cobalt

Cobalt is one of the team of survivors taking part in the assault on the Hive. She is portrayed by a popular Japanese model, Rola. Still mostly a model by profession, Rola has not yet appeared in many films or TV series. She was cast as herself in Followers, a Japanese drama that premiered on Netflix in February 2020. Rola once again played as herself in the 2020 film Mainstream alongside Maya Hawke and Johnny Knoxville.

Ever Anderson as Red Queen

In the sixth and final installment of Resident Evil films, the Red Queen – an AI hologram – is on Alice’s side. The AI warns Alice about Dr. Isaacs’ intention to erase the human species and tells her to attack the Hive. Since the AI was unable to destroy itself and the corporation, Alice must step in and finish the job. Red Queen is portrayed by Ever Anderson, the daughter of director Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich. She also plays the role of young Alicia Marcus.

Apart from her work in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Anderson appeared in Black Widow as young Natasha Romanoff and will play the role of Wendy Darling in the upcoming film Peter Pan & Wendy.

Resident Evil The Final Chapter : lee joongi

Lee Joon-gi as Commander Chu

Umbrella Corporation’s second-in-command and security chief is Commander Chu, portrayed by Lee Joon-gi. As a matter of fact, his appearance in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is his Hollywood film debut. At the moment, he doesn’t have credit in any other American films or TV shows and is working almost entirely in Korean drama series.

Mark Simpson as Dr. James Marcus

The founder of Umbrella Corporation is Dr. James Marcus, the father of Alicia Marcus. He was the one who discovered the T-virus, which seemed like a miracle cure at first before its terrible side effects surfaced. He is portrayed by Mark Simpson, whose previous acting works include a role in Giggle and Hoot and its spin off show Hoot Hoot Go! Apart from those, he had minor role in the Grant miniseries and a 2010 film The Reef.

Joseph May appeared as Dr. Blue

Reprising his role as Dr. Blue is Joseph May. This time he appears only through archival footage just like in the previous installment. May is best known for his role as Andy Button in Episodes, Adam Moseby in Bugs, and Justin Trudeau in The Windsors.

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Why is Chris Redfield not in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter?

The actor (Wentworth Miller) who played Chris Redfield had scheduling issues with a new season of the TV show Prison Break. The Redfield character was only in Resident Evil: Afterlife, which premiered in 2010.

Who survived Resident Evil: The Final Chapter?

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter begins directly after Resident Evil: Retribution, leaving only Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, as the sole survivor in the fight against the undead. But will it be her last fight?

Who is the traitor in Resident Evil final chapter?

In Resident Evil: The Final Chapter somebody has cloned the character Albert Wesker, and he becomes the traitor by trying to eliminate all the apocalypse survivors in one final battle.

Is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter the end?

Does any super successful movie series ever really end? The Resident Evil series, which was based on the hyper popular video game, is a money-making machine franchise. Though it seemed to finally end with The Final Chapter, rumor has it the series is being brought back to life with a new movie that may have already entered production.