Stranger Things Quiz: Test Your Knowledge On All Things Stranger Things

The Stranger Things franchise is a massive and high-production universe with many exciting characters and of course the terrifying upside-down. If you are ready to test your knowledge of the Stranger Things Universe, find out how much you know with our quiz!

Ultimate Stranger Things Quiz

More About Stranger Things

Stranger Things Quiz

The Stranger Things franchise, although limited, has four high-quality seasons where a group of kids discover the world of the Upside-Down and the monsters who exist to challenge the small town they live in.

Watch Order:

  • Season 1 (2016), 8 episodes
  • Season 2 (2017), 9 episodes
  • Season 3 (2019), 8 episodes
  • Season 4 (2022), 9 episodes

With a total of 34 episodes, some of which are over an hour long, and a possible fifth season in the works, there’s a lot of content to dive into.

Fun Facts About Stranger Things

If you’re taking this quiz, then you’re clearly already pretty familiar with Stranger Things. So, we’ve got some fun and interesting Stranger Things facts for you. However, you won’t find any quiz answers here, sorry!

  • Dustin’s Actor, Gaten Matarazzo, has a disorder called Cleidocranial Dyuslaisa which affects bones and teeth. Even though this disorder affect his job acceptance, his career soon skyrocketed with his role in Stranger Things.
  • The series is loosely based on the 1980’s experiment “The Montauk Project”, which saw children being kidnapped.
  • Series 4 took approximately two years to film, including the special effects and script writing. This is evident in the two last episodes being twice the run time of normal episodes
  • Surfer Boy Pizza has a real phone number which when called, fans can hear lines from Argyle himself.
  • The Upside Down was almost going to be called “The Nether”.
  • 361,000 people streamed the entire second season in just 24 hours or less.
  • When Season 3 was released, 19.7 million people watched the first episode on release day.

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Other things you might want to know about.

What date did will go missing?

Eleven Opened a gate to the Upside Down on November 6th 1983, which was the same day Will Byers disappeared. Will is pulled into the Upside Down and that’s how the events of Stranger Things begin.

What arcade game is Max shown to be particularly good at?

The popular game for the main characters in the series is an Arcade game called “Dig Dug”. Max is seen by Dustin and Lucas playing the game in the Arcade and is skilfully at it as well. It is later revealed that Dustin’s Dug Dig nemesis “MADMAX” is none other than Max herself.

Which character from Stranger Things am I