Echo in The 100: The Grounder Spy Turned Hero

Portrayed by Tasya Teles, the intriguing character Echo undergoes a profound evolution throughout The 100 series. Introduced as an antagonistic Azgeda spy, Echo’s experiences transform her into a true hero willing to risk everything for her people.


Dangerous Spy in Season 2

We first meet Echo in Season 2 when she infiltrates Mount Weather, posing as a Reaper to provide intel to the Grounders. Fiercely loyal to Queen Nia, she carries out acts of deception and violence for her clan.

After being exposed by Bellamy, Echo is imprisoned and tortured by Mount Weather guards. Though at odds, Bellamy shows Echo mercy in freeing her, a gesture that later pays off. Already a multi-layered antagonist, Echo has shadowy motivations and skills in both combat and manipulation.

Tested Loyalties in Season 3

Echo continues serving Queen Nia in Season 3, acting as an enforcer and assassin. But when ordered to kill Bellamy and Octavia, she secretly protects them to repay the debt for saving her life.

Echo maintains her Azgeda loyalty but also respects those who show her mercy. Her subtle compassion emerges alongside her talent for deception. But her connection to Bellamy puts a target on her back.


From Enemy to Ally in Season 4

In Season 4, Echo’s banishment from Azgeda allows her to pursue a new identity as an ally. To gain acceptance in Arkadia, she puts her skills to use gathering intel on rival clans. She also proves herself as a fighter alongside Skaikru.

Echo forms a genuine bond with Bellamy based on mutual understanding as warriors and former outcasts. Her sarcasm gives way to staunch loyalty as she joins the fight to save humanity from Praimfaya. Echo becomes integral to her adopted people.

Redemption in Season 5 and Beyond

During 6 years in space after Praimfaya, Echo formed close ties with Spacekru. Back on the ground, reconnecting with her betrayer Diyoza inspires an epiphany about the cycles of violence.

Echo channels her skills and courage into doing good, even being willing to sacrifice herself for others. She plays a pivotal role in defeating Josephine and the Disciples. Echo finally earns the belongings she always sought, finding a family with her friends.


Three Reasons We Love Echo:

1. She shows complexity and growth

Starting as an antagonist, Echo evolves into a protagonist through interpersonal connections. Her redemption arc is deep and believable.

2. She’s ferociously badass

Echo can pull off daring stunts and hold her own in any fight. Her warrior skills demand respect.

3. She finds courage in vulnerability

Underneath her tough exterior is a vulnerability that emerges through sacrificing for others. Her emotional bravery makes her heroic.

Echo is a rich and fascinating character who completely transforms over the course of the show. Her journey from deception to sincerity makes her arguably the most developed character on The 100.

Other Things You Might Want to Know:

What was Echo’s early life like?

Echo was raised in the harsh Azgeda clan, shaping her into a ruthless survivor. She was specifically trained as a spy and assassin from childhood.

Why was Echo banished from Azgeda?

King Roan banished Echo for failing to protect his mother Queen Nia from assassination. This punishment ironically gave Echo the freedom to change.

Who does Echo have the closest bond with?

Echo grows closest to Bellamy, with their shared backgrounds as enforcers and soldiers. Their friendship endures the tests of war and time.

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