Raven The 100: Her Part in the Series and the Actor Who Played Her

Portrayed by Lindsey Morgan to brilliance, Raven Reyes is not actually part of the original 100 delinquents sent to Earth, but she makes her way to the ground anyway mainly to join her boyfriend, Finn Collins. Raven is a recurring character during the first season and a main role for the remainder of the series. To understand more about the part that Raven The 100 plays, here is a simple breakdown of her season-by-season journey.

Raven The 100

Season 1

When the 100 delinquents are already on Earth and fighting their way for survival, Raven is still a zero-gravity mechanic on The Ark. She was asked to repair an escape pod by Clarke’s mother, Abigail Griffin, so that she may use it to reunite with her daughter. Before the plan materializes, Abby is arrested by the Council. Abby urges Raven to use the pod herself instead. Much like her time on The Ark, Raven primarily serves as a mechanic on Earth. She also fixes a radio for the Delinquents to establish communication with The Ark. At the end of Season 1, Raven helps Clarke and Jasper trigger an explosion from the dropship.

Season 2

Before the first season ends, Raven takes a gunshot wound to the spine. The nerve damage makes her unable to use her left leg. For much of Season 2, she is still recovering from the injury. In addition to the physical ailment, Raven also has to deal with the death of Finn Collins at the hands of Clarke. Raven is tortured for information by the Grounders when they suspect her of trying to poison their Commander. During an attempt to disable the electricity at Mount Weather, she is once again captured and tortured; the Mountain Men also manage to harvest her bone marrow. At the end of the Battle of Mount Weather, Raven retreats to Camp Jaha.

Season 3

Lured by the temptation of pain-free life, Raven gets herself chipped and joins the A.L.I.E. cult. Upon realizing that the mind-altering process makes her unable to remember her dead ex-boyfriend, she rebels against the A.I. The chip implanted in her head is successfully removed, but she retains a small portion of the code in her brain. Now the code works like a computerized booster to make brain processing faster.

Season 4

The second nuclear apocalypse is coming. Raven makes her way back to Arkadia and helps build a fortification around the Alpha Station to shield the facility from radiation. Armed with the information that Nightblood is immune to radiation, Raven travels to Becca’s Island on an intel mission to learn how the mechanism works. She intends to reverse-engineer the blood and uses it for everybody. The effort is not entirely a success, but Raven survives the nuclear disaster by escaping back to the remnants of The Ark in space.

Season 5

Raven escapes to space with Bellamy, Monty, Harper, Murphy, Emori, and Echo. After about six years floating in space, they come across a space station called Eligius IV on which there is enough supply of fuel to help them return to the ground. Knowing that there are hundreds of cryogenically sleeping prisoners on the space station, Raven volunteers to stay for monitoring. She is accompanied by Murphy. The two are finally captured by another prisoner spaceship called Gargarin. All the prisoners are released and brought to Earth as well. Raven is held hostage and tortured. At the conclusion of the battle against the Eligius prisoners, Raven escapes again to space back to Eligius IV with Wonkru and Spacekru.

Raven The 100

Season 6

Raven stays on Eligius IV while the others begin an expedition to a new habitable planet, although she eventually follows. Because Raven spends a lot of time exploring Sanctum and trying to build a new compound for everybody from Earth, she is off-screen for much of the season. As the conflict heats up between the Primes and Wonkru, she takes her place as the lead pilot to fly the transport ship back to Eligius IV. One of her most heroic accomplishments in the season is removing Sheidheda, the Dark Commander, from the Flame.

Season 7

Raven also plays a major role in stopping a nuclear meltdown in Sanctum, although the deaths of four people in the process take a toll on her, emotionally. She seems to regain her confidence back as she leads a rescue team through the Temporal Anomaly to save her missing friends. When Octavia Blake passes the ultimate test, granting humanity the chance for Transcendence, Clarke is the sole exception because she kills Bill Cadogan. Raven and the rest of Clarke’s friends decide to stay on Earth and live the remainder of their lives on the planet.

It wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate to say that Raven Reyes is almost like the “MacGyver” in The 100. She builds radios, bullets, and causes explosives, repairs a spaceship escape pod, and knows her way around a nuclear reactor. But that’s where the similarity ends. Unfortunately, Raven is not a true MacGyver in the sense that she doesn’t always escape difficult situations. She is captured and tortured for information more than once; she suffers from nerve damage injury for a time; and at many points in her life, she must lose the people she loves. She is not even a Delinquent, yet she ends up being a major figure among the actual Delinquents and chooses to stay with them for the rest of her life.

Do you think Raven, from The 100, deserves a better fate? Is she a hero or just a tagalong? We’d love to hear from you.

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What is Lindsey Morgan up to now?

While she was still in The 100, Lindsey Morgan landed her first film leading role in Casa Vita (2015) as Ariana. In 2016, Morgan played in an independent thriller Lasso as Kit. She also played as Micki Ramirez in the “Walker” TV series.

Has Lindsey Morgan received any award for her acting?

Morgan has not received any award for her acting, but she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2013 for her role as Kristina Davis in General Hospital.

Why did Lindsey Morgan quit Walker?

A lot of it had to do with taking a break from acting. In entertainment with Entertainment Weekly, Morgan said that she needed to re-evaluate her priorities after spending much of her 20s on camera.

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