Season 2 The 100: Plotline, Episodes, and What Happens to Clarke, Bellamy, and Kane?

The first season of The 100 does a great job of establishing the series’ major characters, themes, and overall tones of storytelling. To refresh the memory, Season 1 makes an effective introduction to the Sky People or the Arkers—the group of characters who used to live on board orbiting space stations, and all the unexpected clans comprised of the descendants of ground-based survivors of a nuclear apocalypse nearly 100 years ago. Some groups are conveniently known as The Grounders and Mountain Men. The idea is that the Sky People will attempt to rebuild human civilization on the supposedly empty Earth, but they encounter those aggressive clans and conflicts begin. Like any good TV series, the conflicts are not limited to a clan-vs-clan model but also include interpersonal disputes among those of the same group. Also, only 54 of the original 100 delinquent teenagers have managed to stay alive by the end of Season 1. Check out Season 2 of The 100 here!
Season 2 The 100

In Season 2 The 100 takes off with a scene depicting Clarke as a hostage inside Mount Weather, which makes sense because the previous season ends with the Arkers’ camp being attacked by Mountain Men. Elsewhere, the remaining inhabitants of the Ark have made a safe return to Earth as well. Even Chancellor Jaha, who was willing to sacrifice himself so that others in the space station could make the journey back to the home planet, eventually lands aboard a nuclear warhead.
In contrast to The Grounders who wander freely in the woods, Mountain Men (the inhabitants of Mount Weather) are unable to go above ground because they are still prone to radiation sickness. As it turns out, an effective cure for their predicament is the bone marrow of either the Grounders or Sky People. A bone marrow extraction will likely kill the donor. And a mission to rescue Clarke starts a long chain of interesting plot twists and actions. Some of the major highlights in Season 2 include:
  • Finn goes berserk
In a desperate attempt to find and save Clarke from her ordeal, Finn becomes the craziest he has ever been in the show. He takes an entire village as a hostage and kills more than a dozen Grounders during the search. Unfortunately for everyone involved in the situation, Finn is unaware of one important development: Clarke has escaped on her own and is on the way to find him as well. Realizing his mistake, Finn surrenders himself to the Grounders. He is willing to die as a punishment rather than risk a bloody conflict between the clans.
  • Clarke is an established leader

Bellamy is at first the front figure of the delinquents, but only until Clarke slowly carves her path to a well-deserved place as the undisputed leader. Even with the arrival of Marcus Kane, Abby Griffin, and Jaha, there is still no better candidate than Clarke to bring about order among the Arkers and between the conflicting clans. Clarke’s actions throughout Season 2 demonstrate good decision-making and the willingness to sacrifice herself for the benefit of many others.

After escaping from Mount Weather, she comes back and almost single-handedly rescues the other Arkers. She kills Finn as an act of mercy, as instant death is better than a long torturous one. The Tondc missile strike, which leaves hundreds of people die, only happens because Clarke wants it to happen. Let us not forget that the demise of Mount Weather along with its inhabitants is the result of a well-calculated plan thanks to the alliance between Clarke and Lexa.

The rescue mission at Mount Weather is a massacre, killing hundreds of people including children. Clarke takes full responsibility for opening the door, which then exposes the Mountain Men to lethal radiation that kills them. She pulls the door lever with Bellamy, but she doesn’t want to burden anybody, especially those in Camp Jaha, with the guilt and potential consequences of the action in the future. In her last appearance of Season 2, Clarke decides not to stay at Camp Jaha.

  • Kane, new chancellor
As the first Chancellor of Camp Jaha, Marcus Kane immediately takes charge of just about everything. His first real order is to prevent Bellamy and Murphy from killing each other. For much of the season, Kane works together with Clarke and Abigail Griffin as an emissary between the Sky People and the Grounders. He’s at Tondc when the missile strikes, but luckily far enough from the blast that he suffers no serious injury. Abby finds him beneath some rubble and organizes a rescue. It is the season when Marcus Kane takes a drastic change from a foremost proponent of “population reduction to save resources” into a “humanitarian.”
  • Bellamy, the selfless brother
In the previous season, Bellamy Blake grew from a relatable antagonist to a loving brother who cared only about his family. The same thing happens in Season 2 but at a much grander scale. Now that most of the delinquents are held hostage by the Mountain Men, Bellamy leads an infiltration into Mount Weather to rescue his people. He and Clarke make the decision to kill all the Mountain Men, including women and children—even if they’re only marginally involved in the hostage situation, by exposing them to solar radiation. The Mountain Men die horrible deaths, whereas The Grounders and the Sky People are immune. Bellamy returns to Camp Jaha and says goodbye to Clarke.

A lot of things happen in Season 2. While much of the storyline is about the threat and danger coming out of Mount Weather, the season has enough episodes to allow important changes outside the mountain, too. Marcus Kane has arrived and is teaming up with Abby to establish peace with the Grounders; Jaha is also here and takes Murphy on a quest to the City of Light. The plot progresses at a lightning pace, but it is both daring and cool at the same time.

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Other things you might want to know:

How many episodes are there in Season2?

There are in total 16 episodes originally aired on The CW network from October 2014 to March 2015:

  1. The 48
  2. Inclement Weather
  3. Repercussions
  4. Many Happy Returns
  5. Human Trials
  6. Fog of War
  7. Long Into an Abyss
  8. Spacewalker
  9. Remember Me
  10. Survival of the Fittest
  11. Coup de Grace
  12. Rubicon
  13. Resurrection
  14. Bodyguard of Lies
  15. Blood Must Have Blood, Part One
  16. Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two

What does the final scene of Season 2 show?

Chancellor Jaha, who has crash landed a nuclear missile on Earth, discovers a mansion in which he encounters an artificial intelligence known as A.L.I.E. Shockingly, the A.I. thanks him for the nuclear warhead.

Does it have any hidden meaning?

A.L.I.E., which appears as a holographic projection of a woman in red, seems to be aware of Jaha’s identity and anticipated his arrival. The scene is literal, but it does trigger a heightened sense of curiosity among viewers mostly because of the A.I.’s unmistakable authoritative outlook. She even refers to the nuclear warhead as a “gift.”

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