The 100 Season 6: More Twists and Turns from the Show You Can’t Predict

Throughout five seasons of The 100, Clarke and his friends were forced to do whatever is necessary to win battles and survive. Nothing apparently worked because, at the end of Season 5, the Earth was found to be uninhabitable, anyway. The 100 Season 6 brings our heroes to a new territory, a new inhabitable planet, and some new enemies, as always. When dealing with difficulties, the basic principle of the cutthroat plotline and shocking revelations thankfully still come along with the series. Here is a short recap of their journey during the season.

The 100 Season 6


The first episode picks up exactly where the previous season left off with Clarke and Bellamy embracing the possibility of living on a new planet. Jordan, the son of Harper and Monty (both of whom remained awake while the others went into cryogenic chambers), gives a detailed account of the Earth’s past and present condition over the last 125 years. It turns out the planet still has not fully recovered from the blast that occurred during the Damocles Event. However, Monty had discovered the location of a new inhabitable planet before he died. While it might not be entirely safe, Clarke and Bellamy take a team to explore and investigate. On Planet Alpha, they discover an abandoned compound sprinkled with A.L.I.E. shrines.

Red Sun Rising

Some sort of pollutants in the air affects everybody’s mind, triggering a sudden change of behavior. Bellamy and Murphy are fighting with each other; Murphy is knocked unconscious and displays strange symptoms of bulging black veins. Meanwhile, some children ask Clarke if she is their ride home as if they are looking for a savior. By the end of the second episode, the famously unpredictable series appears to be giving a warning to viewers about more unexpected twists and turns.

“Red Sun Rising” also reveals a bit of the history of Planet Alpha. About 236 years ago, Josephine Lightbourne and the inhabitants of Eligius III established a colony there. For unknown reasons, Russell Lightbourne committed a murder spree, killing people in the camp including his own daughter Josephine.  

The Children of Gabriel

There has been an ongoing conflict on Planet Alpha between cult-like revolutionaries called Children of Gabriel and the Founding Primes, the royal families of which Russell Lightbourne is King of Sanctum. Delilah and Rose, two of the royal bloods, are kidnapped by the cult. It turns out that all the Primes are Nightbloods, which is why Russell is surprised to know that Clarke also possesses the trait although she is not a descendant. Octavia kills some members of the Children of Gabriel, and Clarke saves Delilah. For her efforts, Russell allows the Earth group to stay in Sanctum. Diyoza is considered a terrorist and kicked out.

The Face Behind the Glass

Octavia falls into the hands of the cult and is tortured for information about Nightblood. The guards get into an argument, giving Octavia and Rose a window to escape. Diyoza saves Octavia, but Rose is killed. Cillian, a spy for the Children of Gabriel who poses as a doctor in Sanctum, puts Clarke into a state of paralysis, but then he commits suicide after getting caught in the act. Russell takes advantage of the situation and makes Clarke a host for Josephine’s consciousness, still stored in a Mind Drive. Josephine is alive in Clarke’s body.

The Gospel of Josephine

Not long after her resurrection, Josephine is tasked with finding more details about Nightbloods from the Earth group. Bellamy, Jordan, Gaia, and Murphy discover the secrets of Mind Drives and how the Primes have been using the technology to practically become immortals at the cost of other people’s lives. Bellamy is made aware of Josephine’s resurrection using Clarke’s body and is knocked out. She offers Murphy immortality in return for his cooperation. He accepts.

Memento Mori

Abby is still working on her Nightblood experiment. Josephine is only happy to support them and even tells her about the possibility of saving Kane by using the Mind Drive. Diyoza, Xavier, and Octavia take a trip to a wormhole called the Temporal Anomaly. Clarke is still alive despite the Mind Drive.


The only thing that saves Clarke from being wiped out of her own body is A.L.I.E., or what’s left of it in her brain. Struggling to find a way to escape the entrapment, Josephine intercepts to end Clarke’s resistance. As Clarke prepares to give up, a manifestation of Monty comes to the rescue. Bellamy has a plan to rescue his best friend, involving the Children of Gabriel.

The Old Man and the Anomaly

Kane has been resurrected in Gavin’s body. Diyoza comes to realize that Xavier is nothing but a host for Gabriel Santiago. Russell agrees to bring Clarke back and give Josephine a new host, but Josephine herself intends to sabotage her father’s decision. Bellamy asks for help from the Children of Gabriel to save Clarke, so he drags Josephine into the anomaly. Russell is enraged.

What You Take with You

In a hallucination, Octavia kills her darker “Blodreina” side as a symbol of redemption for her past psychotic behaviours as Wankro’s leader. Kane is struggling to adapt to his new body, both physically and mentally. With all the moral issues that arise from using someone else as a host for his mind, Kane commits suicide. The Children of Gabriel finally capture Bellamy and Josephine, just in time to save Clarke. Furious about the disappearance of his daughter, Russell issues the order to capture everyone from the Earth group.


Gaia and Echo start a rebellion against the Primes. Although all visitors from Earth are now considered enemies of the Sanctum, Russell finds himself intrigued by Abby’s experiments with the Nightblood transplant. He is convinced Abby can help him resurrect all the dead Primes. Despite the removal of Josephine’s mind drives from Clarke’s body, Josephine remains capable of attacking her former host. In the end, however, Clarke kills Josephine and reunites with Bellamy.

Ashes to Ashes

Echo is now a Nightblood thanks to a bone marrow transplant from Madi. The episode reveals that Echo is actually Ash; they were childhood friends until Ash was forced to kill the real Echo. Clarke and the others devise a plan to simulate a Red Sun eclipse as a method to prompt the Sanctum to initiate an evacuation order. Since most of the royal families are still unaware of Josephine’s demise, Clarke can infiltrate the Sanctum without anybody being suspicious, and she sabotages the radiation shield.

The 100 Season 6

Adjustment Protocol

Abby decides to transform herself into a Nightblood to help protect Madi from the Dark Commander. She gives the remaining dose of bone marrow to Russell and is made into a host for his wife, Simone Lightbourne. Gabriel intercepts Russell’s preparation to resurrect all Primes. Russell retaliates by releasing a huge amount of toxin, turning everyone against each other. Madi, Raven, and Gaia are taken hostage by the resurrected Primes, who are now retreating to the Eligius IV spaceship.

The Blood of Sanctum

Emori and Murphy remain in the Sanctum, working together to defeat the intoxicated citizens. Clarke is also now on Eligius IV to save her friends. She overpowers the hostiles, leaving Russell vulnerable. Madi regains control and uses her power to subdue Russell, now the only surviving Prime. Although Raven deletes the Flame, she figures out that the Dark Commander has already uploaded his mind to an unknown location. Suddenly, the anomaly expands to reveal the presence of Hope, the daughter of Diyoza. To everyone’s surprise, Hope stabs Octavia, who disappears as the anomaly shrinks back.

We think The 100 Season 6 is quite a crazy trip for the series, going from the usual structure with Clarke and friends versus a group of powerful enemies into a three-way battle. Clarke must lead her people while navigating a tricky situation between the Primes and the Children of Gabriel. In this case, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.

Have you watched The 100 Season 6? Do you think the twists and turns are as intriguing as the previous ones? We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know:

Who die in Season 6?

There are more than 60 deaths The 100 Season 6. Clarke and Murphy once appeared to be dead, but they were saved or revived. Abigail Griffin and Marcus Kane make their last appearances this season.

What is the Temporal Anomaly?

Also referred to simply as the “Anomaly”, it is some sort of a wormhole or space bridge that connects multiple worlds in the Universe. In the Milky Way Galaxy at least, the Anomaly makes a quick link between Earth, Sanctum, Bardo, Skyring, Nakara, and Etherea.

Where to watch Season 6 now?

You can watch The 100 Season 6 via streaming on Netflix or DIRECTV. It is also possible to buy the season as a download from Amazon Video, Vudu, Apple TV, or Microsoft Store.

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