The 100 Season 7: 100th Episode to Finish Out a Top-Ranked Show

The 100 Season 7 marks the end of the journey. It is not only about the journey of the original 100 Delinquents on Earth anymore, but it leans heavily into a “survival of the fittest” drama in space. It is a bit sad that one of TV’s top-ranked shows in the decade must come to an end, but thankfully the excitement in the final season remains pretty much as intense as it has always been. In short, Clarke and a few others survive whatever challenges they come across, and for better or worse, have a fresh restart.

The 100 Season 7

From the Ashes

The last episode of the previous season depicts Octavia as disappearing within the anomaly. And now to make things worse for Clarke and everybody else from the Earth group, Bellamy is also kidnapped by unknown individuals. Gabriel, Echo, and Hope decide to enter the anomaly to rescue Bellamy. Outside the anomaly, the unconscious Russell comes across the Dark Commander in the Mindspace. During the encounter, Russell is killed, which means now the Dark Commander uses Russell’s body as a host. Clarke, who is unaware of the development, burns Sanctum down to the ground.

The Garden

Octavia bonds with Diyoza and Hope on Planet Skyring. Octavia sends a message through the anomaly to her brother Bellamy, but the message is intercepted by the Disciples on Planet Bardo. The Disciples capture Octavia and Diyoza. Gabriel discovers that Skyring and Bardo are both parts of the Eligius colony mission. The Disciples, who are descendants of colonists, have now turned Bardo into a prison planet.

False Gods

As Clarke prepares to execute Russell on Sanctum, the Dark Commander takes control of the situation and stops her. Raven, Murphy, and Emori make an attempt to fix a nuclear reactor meltdown with help from some Eligius prisoners. One of the prisoners, Hatch, completes the repair, but he dies soon after due to radiation exposure.


The Disciples believe there will be one last war and that Clarke holds the key to victory. It comes to Raven’s mind that the anomaly is a wormhole. Protected with armor taken from the dead Disciples, she leads a team (including Clarke) into the anomaly on a rescue mission. Gaia chooses to stay behind only to get ambushed by a Disciple, who then kidnaps her and deactivates the anomaly. Raven, Clarke, and the others arrive on an ice planet, Nakara, with no clear return path.

Welcome to Bardo

On Bardo the prison planet, Octavia is getting acquainted with a Disciple scientist named Levitt. Thanks to the scientist’s help, Octavia can escape to Sanctum, but Diyoza is still imprisoned. In an attempt to rescue her mother, Hope is captured and forced to help the Disciples bring Octavia back to Bardo. Bellamy shows up to save his sister but is apparently killed in an explosion. Russell’s mind drive is surgically removed, which means the Dark Commander will never resurrect again.

The 100 Season 7


Diyoza also escapes and reunites with Octavia. Hope, Echo, and Gabriel are with them as well. Gabriel refuses to follow Levitt’s instruction to go to the surface. Instead, he surrenders to the Disciples after attacking the others. Back on Nakara, Clarke learns that the ice planet has been used as a burial ground by the Disciples. She finds an anomaly stone inside a giant creature and uses it to send the rescue team to Bardo. On Sanctum, Sheidheda—the Dark Commander—begins his effort to escape his confinement.

The Queen’s Gambit

Emori’s effort to reunite the Children of Gabriel on Sanctum doesn’t go as planned. Nelson and Nikki, along with some Eligius prisoners, sabotage the gathering. On Bardo, the Disciples are recruiting Echo and the others for the upcoming final war. Clarke, Raven, and the others arrive to reunite with Gabriel, who informs them about Bellamy’s death. The supreme leader of the Disciples is revealed to be none other than Bill Cadogan, now knows as the Shepherd.


A flashback to pre-apocalypse Earth reveals that the Grounder language was invented by Grace and Callie, Cadogan’s ex-wife and daughter respectively. They find refuge in the Second Dawn bunker when the disaster strikes. Cadogan discovers the anomaly stone and focuses on finding a method to open the door to other worlds. A few years later, Becca appears and uses the Flame to access the gateway to Bardo. Cadogan and Becca have their disagreement, after which Cadogan forcefully takes the Flame from her. Callie retakes the Flame and flees the bunker with the other Nightblood believers; they carry enough Nightblood for 2000 people and save them from radiation. Cadogan leads his followers to Bardo. In the present day, Cadogan has managed to brainwash Octavia, Diyoza, and Echo into the cult. He says that the Flame is the key to winning the war.

The Flock

Nikki is taking hostages and demands the surrender of Raven and Sheidheda. Murphy works together with the Dark Commander to escape through a secret tunnel. Just before Nikki begins to execute hostages, the Wonkru arrive to overpower her. The Dark Commander emerges to demonstrate his power and makes Knight his loyal second in command.

A Little Sacrifice

It turns out that Echo, Octavia, and Diyoza are only pretending to be on the Disciple’s side; they secretly plan to sabotage Cadogan’s cause. Gabriel is made aware of the source of Cadogan’s belief system about the possibility of achieving transcendence by entering a final code into the anomaly stone. According to Cadogan, a record left behind by the native inhabitants of Bardo mentions predictions of a last war. Jordan thinks the Disciples have misinterpreted the record. He believes the record is about a test—instead of war—to determine humans’ place in the universe. To participate in the test, the Disciples will need the Flame. On Sanctum, the Dark Commander establishes his position as Wonkru leader. Murphy takes the remaining survivors to safety.


Levitt discovers from the mind of an injured Disciple that Bellamy is still alive in the anomaly. Bellamy is on Planet Etherea and is now a follower of the Disciple. He reaches an anomaly stone and emerges on Bardo. Now a member of the cult, Bellamy takes Cadogan’s side and betrays his friends. He also reveals that the Flame is no more.

The 100 Season 7

The Stranger

Bellamy offers his help in restoring the Flame under the condition that Cadogan spares his friends’ lives. Clarke is furious about Bellamy’s betrayal and doesn’t want any help from him. She makes the same offer as Bellamy, and Cadogan is only happy to accept. However, Cadogan sends some of her friends to another planet to make sure Clarke doesn’t deceive him in any way. On Sanctum, Sheidheda kills the Children of Gabriel and captures Murphy, while Emori threatens to detonate the nuclear reactor. Clarke returns to Sanctum and is greeted by evidence of Sheidheda’s massacre.

Blood Giant

The Disciples fight back and wound the Dark Commander. As the Red Sun eclipse begins, Emori lowers Sanctum’s radiation shield. She kills Knight when he tries to stop her. Gabriel starts repairing the Flame using Eligius technology but soon changes his mind and destroys it for good. With the Dark Commander severely wounded and the Flame erased from existence, Clarke makes Cadogan access the anomaly to her friends. Bellamy is still adamant about standing down and ends up getting killed. Clarke travels through the anomaly with Raven, Emori, Murphy, Madi, and a few others.

A Sort of Homecoming

Clarke and the others arrive at the Second Dawn Bunker to reunite with their friends. She tells everyone how she was forced to kill Bellamy on Sanctum. They see now that Earth has somewhat recovered from the Hythylodium fuel explosion more than two centuries ago. Clarke makes the decision to settle on Earth and destroys the Disciple’s helmet. Meanwhile, on Bardo, Sheidheda collaborates with Cadogan to bring Madi back. The Dark Commander arrives at the bunker and kills Gabriel. Seeing the threats, Madi travels back to Bardo in the hope of freeing her friends from Sheidheda’s rage. And then the bunker starts crumbling.

The Dying of the Light

Cadogan makes an attempt to comb through Madi’s mind in search of the code. Levitt makes the right decision to bring back Octavia and Clarke to Bardo. The Dark Commander disappears after killing some Disciples. In the bunker, Emori gets injured as it begins to collapse. Raven and Murphy search for the anomaly stone so they may treat the injured Emori at Sanctum. Cadogan finally gets the code and leaves Madi catatonic in the process. Octavia and Levitt go after Cadogan.

The Last War

Emori finally dies, but not before Murphy inserts her Mind Drive into his own head. Cadogan begins the test and Clarke kills him before it is too late. However, Clarke herself fails the test. Raven also takes the test but the Judge—in the form of Abby Griffin—considers humanity too violent to be granted transcendence. Sheidheda is there as well and incites more violence. Octavia intercepts and prevents more deaths. Seeing Octavia’s actions, the Judge is willing to grant transcendence to all humans, except Clarke. The Judge tells Clarke she will never be able to transcend. Clarke lives her remaining days on Earth, accompanied by her most loyal friends.

Like the final season of popular TV series, some fans might be disappointed because the end is not what they expect. For a show in which plot twists are the norm, even the most loyal viewers think the conclusion is either too simplistic or overly complicated. The 100 Season 7 feels almost entirely about Clarke and how to end her long journey from the early days on Earth against the Grounders, Mountain Men, A.L.I.E., and the Eligius prisoners to Sanctum against the Primes and Children of Gabriel. Many characters die for different reasons throughout the series, leaving fewer than a handful of the original Delinquents and Grounders, combined. It seems like a good idea that the series ends where it kicked off long ago, on a recovering Earth. And there is no better person to lead a new group of survivors on the planet than Clarke Griffin herself.

Have you finished watching the entire seven seasons of The 100? Is it binge-worthy or merely passable? We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know:

How many episodes are there in the series?

The 100 runs for 7 seasons for a total of 100 episodes.

Was the series cancelled?

Many TV series get cancelled by the networks due to failing ratings or that it has run for too long to the point where the story no longer offers anything refreshing for viewers. Fortunately, none of those happened to The 100. The conclusion viewers enjoyed is the end that shows creator Jason Rothenberg wants. It is how the series is supposed to end; nothing is rushed or prematurely completed. There is no unfinished business and all loose ends have been tied up.

Will there be a series spin-off?

There was once a discussion about doing a prequel, set in the 97 years before the events in The 100 start. At least on The CW part, development for the sequel has been put on an indefinite delay since 2021. It remains unclear whether showrunner Jason Rothenberg is looking for another network to keep the project alive.

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