17 of the Coolest Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy

There is a different world in every corner of the Empire, and here are 17 of the coolest planets in the Star Wars galaxy where the Force is strong and beautiful at the same time. We just love the imagery!

Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy: cato neimoidia

Cato Neimoidia

Home to an enticing assortment of urban designs, the hallmark of Cato Neimoidia is a civilization built between massive rock formations. It is the home planet of the Neimoidians, who, during the decline of the Galactic Republic, took control of the Trade Federation. Plo Koon once piloted a starfighter about the planet before clone troopers shot and killed him.

Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy: dagobah


There has never been a swamp featured in any movie that looks and feels as swampy as Dagobah. Neither technology nor civilization has ever developed here. Much like an uninhabited island on Earth, the place teems with wildlife and dense jungle. It’s the place where even Yoda can conceal himself amongst bogwings and butcherbugs when the Imperial troops launch a large-scale hunt for a surviving Jedi. 

Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy: felucia


Jedi Master Aayla Secura took her last breath on Felucia. During the preproduction phase of the sequel trilogy, the planet was going to be the base for the new Resistance, but then Star Wars showrunners realized that Ajan Kloss would be more suitable. Felucia is covered with bizarre plants; some are translucent and pretty, others are towering carnivorous monsters.

Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy: utapau


A true fantastical work of art, Utapau is a desert planet sprinkled with sinkholes and intricate underground cities. Obi-Wan Kenobi had a memorable lightsaber-fight here against General Grievous. As if the picture of a dry world decorated with murderous pits is not intimidating enough, the architectural style is skeleton-ridden. That said, it used to be a friendly planet until Grievous changed it all.

Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy: kamino


In Attack of the Clones, the scene depicting Obi-Wan Kenobi on his visit to Kamino is meant to be somewhat noir, but it ends up leaning too heavy on the comedic side. The largely unmapped Kamino is home to an over-industrialized cloning facility. In fact, the factory seems to be the only sign of civilization on the planet. The locals are so polite that someone (or something) sends Obi-Wan directly to the prime minister as soon as the Jedi Master walks through the door. 

Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy: jedha


Once a holy site, an invasion by the Empire has turned the Tibet-like moon into a worn out post-apocalyptic world cluttered by enormous fallen Jedi statues as far as the eye can see. You can almost say that the landscape, the everlasting winter, and the unmistakable symbolism of bygone glory create the best representation of everything about Star Wars.

Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy: crait


Perhaps the only planet in the entire Star Wars galaxy to have so many contradictory characteristics, Crait is unlike anything else. For example, the surface is covered with blinding white salt, but it is so paper thin that even a slow quiet walk will blow out irritating, red-colored dust all around. Let us not forget it is home to Vulptices – they look like foxes from a distance, but a closer look reveals their bristle crystalline coat. 

Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy: lah'mu


There was never anything much happening on Lah’mu, located in the Outer Rim, far away from the busy core of the galaxy. Thanks to its mineral-rich soil, friendly temperature, and an abundance of groundwater, Lah’mu makes an excellent base for farmers. Most of the adversities typically found on other Star Wars planets are nonexistent here. It is a quiet, peaceful, perfect spot to stay out of sight.


The home planet of Princess Leia Organa, Alderaan now exists only in memory. It was a utopia with more arts and philosophy than anyone can imagine. Leia’s foster father, Bail Organa, once called it a planet of beauty. The planet’s only mistake was that it provided a safe haven for the rebels. As soon as the Death Star became operational, all those wonders were turned to dust. The destruction of Alderaan created an asteroid field known as the Graveyard of Alderaan, which, you must admit, is a cool-sounding name.


Even when the conflict between the Empire and the Resistance is at its peak, Takodana remains a neutral ground and safe camp for spies and smugglers from across the galaxy. Since it has never been used as a battlefield, the planet still boasts lush forests and pristine waters for every scoundrel and brigand to have some lazy days off.


Long time ago in a galaxy far away, the Sith visited Yavin-4 and obliterated its entire population. Fast forward thousands of years, the planet is a rebel base in the early days of the Galactic Civil War. Thick jungles of towering trees provide the perfect cover to lie low and stay away from the far-stretched arms of the Empire. 


Underneath the seemingly impenetrable shields and heavily militarized façade of Scarif, there is a paradise. The tropical world of Scarif is a peculiarity in the Star Wars galaxy; no other planet is as tourist-inducing. But the planet has large resources of dense metals perfect for spacecraft manufacturing, so, of course the Imperial troops figure claim ownership. 


Much of Cantonica is nothing but desert, but there is one amazing spot that makes this hostile-looking planet a place of wonder: Canto Bight. News about the glittering glimpse of glamor in the casino city reaches to the darkest corners of the galaxy – the kind of temptation that super-rich gamblers and fancy tourists cannot resist.


The Echo Base of the Rebel Alliance can be found on Hoth. It’s a world of cold, snow, and ice. Think of it as the Star Wars’ version of Westeros beyond the wall. A tauntaun can be a good pet, but wampa must be avoided at all costs. Jabba the Hut had a stuffed tauntaun head, too.


Full of tree houses, mountain ranges, and refreshing water, Kashyyyk is the perfect world for Chewbacca and all the Wookie families. Again, everything turns to ruin when the Imperial regime makes a visit and destroys the environment. The remnants of its pristine days still exist in many spots, so there’s still hope that it might return to its former glory. 


The Force is so strong here that it once fathered a son named Anakin, and that’s how Star Wars began. For a planet in the middle of nowhere without much of an attraction, it’s a wonder that people kept coming back. As long as they can stay away from the Sarlacc pits and Jabba’s den, everything should be fine.


Deep in the Unknown Regions, Ahch-To is the birthplace of the Jedi Order. Luke Skywalker had his self-imposed exile on the planet, accompanied only by the Force, memories of his failures, and of course the irresistible Porgs.

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Things you might want to know about.

Where were the Star Wars planets filmed?

Cato Neimoidia was filmed at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, California. Dagobah was filmed at Elster Studios. Tatooine was mostly filmed in Tunisia’s desert and the tropical island of Djerba. Many European countries were used for Star Wars and also Death Valley National Park in California. 

Where was The Rise of Skywalker filmed?

It was filmed in Jordan in the Wadi Rum desert. 

Where was Star Wars: The Last Jedi filmed?

There were three locations in Dubrovnik: Croatia. Many limestone streets, churches, and cathedrals were used. It looks like a medieval city with its old ports and walls. Many tourists go here to find certain backdrops for the movie. 

Bolivia was also used for this film. It has salt flats in Salar De Uyui that depict the planet Crait and a Rebel Alliance base. Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats were used as a filming location. Various places in Ireland were used in the making of this movie.