Anya in The 100: The Grounder Warrior Who Changed Everything

The harsh Grounder warrior Anya, played fiercely by Dichen Lachman, made an unforgettable impact during her time on The 100. Though appearing in only the first two seasons, Anya’s complex legacy set the tone for what was to come. She challenged expectations, forging alliances that shaped the future.

Powerful First Impression

We first meet Anya in Season 1 when she captures a group from the 100, including Clarke and Finn. Showing no mercy, Anya orders one boy to be slaughtered as a warning. This shocking introduction establishes her brutality and a no-nonsense attitude toward the Sky People, or “Skaikru.”

As a commander under Lexa, Anya remains stoic and fierce. In interrogating Clarke, however, Anya gains some respect for this brave counterpart. This tension foreshadows their later complex alliance. Anya sets the tone for Grounder’s culture with her sternness and violent enforcement of justice.

Rocky Alliance

In Season 2, Anya’s hatred of the Sky People remains strong, as she vows to slaughter them for the massacre at Tondc. But she agrees to an unlikely alliance when promised their

technology Mount Weather’s defenses. Anya’s sense of honour to destroy the Mountain compels her to work with Clarke.

Together they brave harrowing obstacles, with Anya saving Clarke’s life multiple times. In turn, Clarke refuses to abandon the injured Anya during an attack, convincing Anya of her loyalty. The tension between them turns to mutual respect, showing Anya’s ability to evolve.

Redemptive Sacrifice

Just as their bond deepens, Anya is shot by their people at Camp Jaha, who mistake her for an intruder. Before dying in Clarke’s arms, Anya symbolically gives back Clarke’s braid, cementing their newfound connection. Clarke later honors Anya’s memory by echoing her braided hairstyle.

Anya’s death was a great loss, but she left having proven that alignments can change. Her willingness to unite with former enemies out of necessity shows pragmatic wisdom. Anya’s legacy laid the groundwork for the unlikely Season 2 alliance between Grounders and Sky People.

Why We Admire Anya:

1. She’s a complex antagonist

Though introduced as an adversarial figure, Anya gains depth through moral evolution. Her multifaceted persona subverts expectations.

2. She’s a certified badass

With her war paint, weapon skills, and uncompromising grit, Anya epitomizes the formidable Grounder warrior. She commands respect.

3. She sets pivotal events in motion

Anya’s unconventional alliance with Skaikru and her poignant death scene pave the way for more unity and understanding between groups.

Despite limited screen time, Anya leaves an indelible mark on the show. She embodies Grounder’s toughness and bluntness, but also their capacity for change. Anya earns her place as a fan favorite through her nuanced portrayal of a strong female antagonist.

Other Things You Might Want to Know:

How did Anya become a Grounder leader?

Anya’s backstory is mostly unknown, but she likely rose up the ranks by proving herself as a skilled fighter and loyal commander.

What is Anya’s relationship to Lexa?

Anya seems to be a trusted general and advisor to the Grounder’s Commander Lexa. She respects Lexa’s leadership and enforces her orders.

Who was Anya before the nuclear apocalypse?

Her pre-apocalypse identity is never revealed but as part of those who survived, Anya had to adapt quickly to hardship, which shaped her gritty toughness.

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